Friday, May 6, 2011

Friv - Ben 10 Ben Ten Kraken Attack

As you know, Donald Duck is the famous duck we all know and love created by The Walt Disney Company. This page is for you to dress up and color in the way you like. Funny games to play, baby. Enjoy and have fun!

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Friv game - Sudoku game

Its one of the hottest new numbers game in town, the classic Sudoku. Just click on the numbers at the right side and then click the box where you wanna put it

Play Sudoku Games:

Friv Game - IQ Test

Do you know your what is your IQ? Try to answer all the test and you will find out what is your IQ.

Play Friv Game - IQ Test at

Friv Game - Tennis Game

This is the most fun and enjoying tennis game with ultra cool graphics to keep you playing for several hours. Enjoy!

Play Friv Game - Tennis Game at

Friv - Super Fishings

If youre successful, this fishing session could last all day. Move the boat back and forth with your mouse, clicking and holding to throw the line. Catch fish for points and extra time, avoiding the sea junk and lightning strikes.

Play Friv - Super Fishings at

Friv - Cooking Academy

From eggrolls to creme brulee, prepare over 50 different recipes! Master the skills of chopping, flipping, frying, and more!

Play Friv - Cooking Academy at

Friv - Starcraft 2008

New version with lots of improvements! Get your sunken colonies in place and take the marines out as they come. You’ll be confronted by increasingly stronger forces, so it’s a good idea to maintain and expand your defensive capabilities.

Play Friv - Starcraft 2008 at

Friv - Heli Combat

Stay alive as you drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at the enemies that appear.

Play Friv - Heli Combat at

Friv - I am Godzilla

In this game you are Godzilla and you must destroy anything you see by your feet.

Play Friv - I am Godzilla at